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Past Testimonials


Homebuilder has been doing repairs and improvements at my properties for over 8 years. The quality of their work is of the highest standards, but what I like most about Home Builder is that they make sure they know exactly what I need to be done every step of the way. That is a big load off the shoulders for someone like me that has a full-time job. If you have ever been frustrated because you have to micromanage your builders, you will know exactly what I am talking about


I highly recommend HomeBuilder. They are professional and easy to work with.
They  engage the client from the design, building and up to finishing stage.👍🏼


My name is June and Homebuilder successfully built my 255 square meter double story house in Orchards, Pretoria North. Firstly, Homebuilder gave me the best building quote for construction. Secondly, they assisted me to get a building loan, which was approved in 24 hours after submitting my application documents.
Immediately after the construction of my house had started, Homebuilder kept me informed of the progress of the construction. My builder even assisted with making recommendations to correct some mistakes in my house plan. He provided quality work and consulted with me for all finishes in the house. Homebuilder is professional, efficient and save you unnecessary costs. I would highly recommend Homebuilder for any building, renovations and or maintenance work. They still checked me after moving in the house to ensure that everything was perfect.


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