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How to choose the correct contractor

Decision making what you need to do

Before taking on a project, important decisions have to be made with regards to the desired outcome and budget by all parties involved e.g., you and your partner.


I always say it is difficult to put a price on what is important to you. The difference comes when you plan on housing you look at the cost, when you’re creating a home, you look at what gives you that ‘Welcome Home’ feeling, all of which needs to be taken into consideration before taking on any project.


Buying an old house and revamping can save you a lot but you will most definitely run the risk of not being completely satisfied with end result due to the existing construction.  Whereas buying a stand and designing and building your own unique home based on your specific needs and desires can be overwhelming and costly.


This is where it is important in getting the correct advice and guidance. There are plenty of good quality contractors in South Africa, but be sure to do your due diligence before deciding on a contractor. A quality builder will have a well organised team behind him/her that will assist you from start to finish. These companies have the necessary experience in the different industries and have the professional controlling bodies backing the contractor.


These companies will be more expensive but you will have the peace of mind of having a company that you can trust, fall back on and who follows the standard and quality work as prescribed by SANS law of construction and the NHBRC.


The right contractor will relieve you of the pressure of building a home and provide you with the necessary guidance to ensure the desired outcome. Building a home will be one of your biggest investments where you cannot afford to cut corners. With the right contractor you will end up with an investment to be proud of.


Speak with your estate agents to get hold of the correct building contractor.


You’re welcome to contact me for your building needs.


Wishing you the best of luck on this very important decision. Until next time

Pieter Engelbrecht



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