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What to do when a geyser burst

Most of the owners today don't know how to responds when water starts to pour out their geyser.

Every owner sometimes think when geyser bursts its like the floodgates open up, but in reality it can be just a small stream of water that keeps up coming out the whole time.

So what do you need to do when this happens:

Firstly switch you geyser off at the distribution board or as some know it the D.B board.

Then close the valve that goes to your geyser, it might be a round red handle tap, or just a valve or can even be on your pressure valve has a small black handle to it.

This 2 steps will save a lot of cost on damaging to your property.

After this you can contact your Insurance company or plumber to replace your geyser.

I hope this small article will help you in the future with anything related to your geyser bursting problems.

With regards from me at Homebuilder

Pieter Engelbrecht

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